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Andrea Rubik

Dr. Andrea Rubik

Marketing Leader | Co-Founder | PhD in Business Economics | President of Women in Digital Switzerland

Andrea is a seasoned marketing strategist, tech marketing Leader, and growth scientist with experience in building brands and products and working at the intersection of marketing, strategy, and business development.​ Currently, Andrea works with SaaS and technology companies on growth marketing at the intersection of product, marcom, content, and data, which involves brand and digital marketing, demand generation, customer acquisition, and monetization.

Andrea has a successful track record of Cross-Industry Marketing Expertise: consumer, telecommunication, healthcare, finance, and Advertising Agency; Tech Industry Marketing Leader; and Digital Innovation & Business Development Expertise. Her experience includes Digital Marketing Strategy, Brand Building & Product Management, Strategic Planning & Execution, and Growth Marketing. In addition to her professional pursuits, Andrea is also the founder of Odit consultancy and Resyfy CareerOS.

With a strong academic background BSc in Marketing, MSc in Organizational Management, and Ph.D. in Business Economics, and a commitment to lifelong learning, she brings a research-driven, data-driven decision making approach to her work in marketing, leadership, and product management.

As the President of Women in Digital Switzerland, she is proud to lead the largest community of modern leaders and change-makers in the Digital Economy in Switzerland. Her goal is to inspire people and help organizations build diverse, healthy, and high-performing workplaces.

She was recognized as an outstanding independent marketing consultant and was honored with the Women in Marketing Global Award.

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